The Best Ad-Center.Com, Affforce, Mediahub, iMaxthai, PrivateCPA Alternative Right Now: NWMedia

I know you are here because you are looking for THE Best alternative network to promote after your favorite Network (Ad-Center) is gone. This is obvious. As you may have seen a bunch of news regarding this topic already by and other reputed news sources. Their business model was sketchy, They didn’t have any advertiser as well! They were their own advertiser. And now they are facing the consequences. I don’t think that ad-center is going to come back in the near future, even if they do, they won’t be the same.

And you my friend, may have been depending on that network for a while, and after their shutdown, you are lost in the rabbit-hole looking for the best alternative Marketplace/Affiliate network to ad-center. All of your traffics are going to a waste right? I have the solution to share with you today.

You may have been contacted by a few other networks claiming to have the same offers and payouts, but upon trying them, you figure out that those were lies.

Let’s review some of those Networks briefly. Then I will let you know about the network you are looking for.


After ad-center shutdown, Affforce was so confident that they started to collect emails of ad-center affiliates and send them (including me) bunch of spam emails promoting their network, claiming to be the best alternative. But after just only 2 pay periods, they stopped paying their affiliates, stopped answering to their messages, started taking refunds from the affiliates, and even showing less sales intentionally on top of their low conversion ratio.


Mediahub was copying similar tactics of ad-center, and they drowned as well with ad-center. They have the same issues like affforce and even more! They stopped to give the option to use custom title parameter to it’s publishers, and even deleted VOD offers from the dashboard. And the best part is, they also doesn’t pay, reply to messages and has very low conversion rates.

iMaxthai and PrivateCPA

These two companies are fairly new in the field, and doesn’t understand what they are doing. Following the same old path of ad-center, and with a very bad conversion ratio. They are not that great when giving technical supports to their publishers.


These four companies, attracts publishers by giving them a GEO based sales price list, and doesn’t keep the promise. That’s why all of them are in a bad state.

Now the Main attraction of this article. Which Network should you work with?

Short answer is: The New Wave Media! (also known as NWMedia).

Why NWMedia?

See this creative images below to get a better understanding:

The Full Post on my Instagram:

You might ask that, “You are working with NWMedia, That’s why you are saying good things about the company and talking trash about the other ones”

My answer is: No my dear friend. I used to promote ad-center on my blog as well. When they were good. You can read my articles about ad-center if you want.

So how do You Join NWMedia?

NWMedia used to work with BIG site owners only. They started to work with Affiliates, and Publishers recently. That’s why you won’t see any direct signup page on the official website

But I can help you to get over that issue as well, as you have guessed already, I work with this company, If you contact me directly using any instant messaging app directly, I can talk with you about your niche, and give you the best offer possible.


My Skype: oi.roman

Telegram: @oahidur


Or Use the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible.

    Try NWMedia for 7 Days, and Compare the revenue with your current network. You’ll understand why I joined this company.

    Thanks for reading this article. Please leave a review about NWMedia if you knew about it already.


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